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Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology for Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging, now a part of Pest Control Solutions NOW.com arsenal, provides more information and answers to better serve our customers.

When we at Pest Control Solutions NOW.com first investigated new pest control technology, we saw that time and time again that thermal cameras were being used to detect moisture and pest issues. When we determined that this technology could be a great tool to find trouble areas, we set out to locate the best thermal imaging camera.

Our research found that the Flir camera was the most impressive with the best training and technical support. This camera helps find moisture within a structure that may be conducive to insect breeding areas as well as heat loss. Thermal imaging brings Pest Control Solutions NOW.com “green” services to the next level!

We help find the moisture problem that the insects are attracted to!


Behind the insulation there is moist wood that is attracting insects.


This is what it looks like when we scan the insulation with our Thermal Imaging Camera.