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About Pest Control Solutions NOW.com

Photo of Charlie Roy - Owner of Pest Control Solutions NOW.com in company shirt and hat

Charlie Roy

Charlie Roy, owner and operator of Pest Control Solutions NOW.com has been in the pest control business for 25 years. He started out his career working with a national company winning numerous service awards and trips based on customer satisfaction. During those years he has developed a clear understanding of what customer service is all about.

From the initial call, to servicing the account, you will be dealing with owner/ operator of the company. Many companies focus on how much money they can make. I look at how many people I can help.


Performs service to my satisfaction on monthly basis -- Shaun - Racine
Very Satisfied -- Tim - Kenosha
Highly recommended service -- Vicki - Racine
Very knowledgeable in taking care of any pest control problems -- Steve -Racine
Can handle any pest problem when arise -- Mursad - Racine
Very accommodating to our pest control needs -- Alex - Racine
Great service -- Kim - Racine

Other Services that we provide:

    • Exterior cleaning of your home or commercial building from those unsightly spider webs.
    • After cleaning is done we then put a protective barrier around your property to help prevent insects from coming in.